I wonder if BD will ever have any prominent minor characters that aren't OCs from other stories |D

If you're enjoying this comic (and if you've gotten this far, I hope you are and aren't just torturing yourself!), please help me out by supporting it! I'd really rather spend my time working on Black Dram and other personal projects, but they currently don't come anywhere near paying my bills, and that takes a toll on my productivity and my mental health.

The most direct way to support the creation of Black Dram is to chip in towards my bills via Patreon or Ko-Fi.

A completely free way to support it is to share the comic with others! I post about the comic regularly on Twitter, Tumblr, and Mastodon, and retweets/reblogs make my day! And of course, the larger the audience, the better the chances of getting all kinds of support.

I try not to pester y'all for support too often, but unfortunately this is very important to me. I currently don't earn enough from Black Dram to justify the time spent working on it, but I really want to keep making it, and to keep sharing it for free.

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