Eeee chapter 9! When I first wrote this comic, it was going to be 10 chapters long and chapter 9 was to be the last Roy chapter, and it still feels that way to me even though I've expanded the story since.

I will be streaming my attempts to learn to speedrun the game Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight this Friday! If you're interested in seeing me go from sucking at it to hopefully being sort of good (or at least fast) at it, or if you just want to see me play a pretty pixel art game, join me on Twitch on Friday. I'll be streaming all day, as I'll be participating in the 12 Hour Challenge, in which you have to learn to speedrun a game in 12 hours.

And since I've linked my Twitch here anyway, I might as well stream today too! I've got some pixel art/game dev stuff to do, come keep me company!

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