I had a lot of fun with this chapter break, it sucks that it's the bearer of bad news D:

Smack Jeeves is converting into a Webtoon/Tapas clone on December 3 and becoming unsuitable for page-based comics. All customization is going away, which means no "About" page with content warnings, no more Patreon goodies, and no more custom layout that helps the comic look its best. The same issues that kept me from posting BD on those other platforms are coming here. This means I have to move the comic somewhere else.

So, chapters XI and XII will not be posted on Smack Jeeves. I am working on creating a stand-alone website for Black Dram, and hopefully I can start chapter XI on the new site at the scheduled time - December 4th. If I can't get it done by then, well, at least we're not in the middle of a dramatic scene :'D

Please update your bookmarks, make sure you have http://blackdram.com bookmarked rather than http://blackdram.smackjeeves.com or any other SJ address. If you follow this comic via SJ, please bookmark its domain name so you don't lose track of it (as I will most likely be deleting the comic from SJ later).

In the mean time, don't forget that we've got a Discord server where you can keep up with everything going on. I'll also post major updates on Mastodon (and maybe I'll even dust off my Twitter just for this).

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